Beer. Wine. Small Plates.

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When those of us who write about Central Florida’s restaurant scene are asked to name “the best,”... we — OK, I — have a tendency to name the usual suspects ... But what is often missing from the discussion is Who or What is the next to make it onto our list of the best ...

The answer is at Scratch.

— Scott Joseph @scottjosephorlando.com


223 West Fairbanks Ave.

Winter Park, FL, 32789



Phone: (407) 325-5165

Email: scratchtapas@gmail.com




Scratch serves the full menu until 1:45am (11:45pm on Sundays). Our dining room is closed for seating at midnight. Guests who dine with us from 12am-2am will be serviced at the bar.


Sun:  11:30am - 3:00pm


Tue - Sat:  5:30pm - 2:00am

Sun:   5:30pm - 10:00pm

Mon: closed



   Scratch is located in the heart of Winter Park, FL and has been open since Nov. 2013. A brainchild of friends Ashley Byrd, Michael Roller, and Chef Dustin Haney, Scratch is a family owned and operated business. We specialize in fresh, locally procured ingredients prepared with both modern and traditional techniques. 


made from "scratch" menu

Scratch's menu is ever-evolving and changes daily. This gives us the flexibility to create dishes that will excite and inspire your taste buds! We typically offer between 10-15 items as well as dessert. All items are "small plate" portions. With that being said Scratch does offer 3 static, tried and true, signature dishes that you're guaranteed to love. Yum Yum!


Chef Dustin Haney looking very jovial.

Chef Dustin Haney looking very jovial.

And just who is the guy coming up with this food?!

Dustin Haney


     Dustin Haney hails from the beautiful shores of Coastal Virginia. At 15 years of age, Dustin found his way into the industry by shucking oysters and peeling shrimp. A truly "hard-knock" chef, he has been working in restaurants for well over a decade and has done everything from dishwashing to owning and operating his own restaurant.

     During his formative years as a chef, Dustin worked at Crackers, a tiny tapas and martini bar located in the historic heart of Norfolk, VA. He spent five years there and eventually moved up to the position of Executive Chef. Dustin has sited that his experience there greatly influenced him and helped shaped his approach to the cuisine at Scratch.

   In 2009, Dustin left his position at Crackers and moved to Atlanta, GA to further evolve as a Chef. During this refining period, he worked with other seasoned chefs, most notably those at La Fourchette in Buckhead. Dustin uses the techniques of both classic French cuisine and modern gastronomy to achieve a balance of clean, sharp, intense flavor within each dish.

   When the opportunity to open Scratch with Ashley Byrd and Michael Roller presented itself, Dustin met it with open arms. "Scratch is the culmination of many, many years of hard work. However, one could argue, the hard work is just beginning."


Does scratch take reservations?


Scratch is no longer accepting reservations due to no-shows.

Do you have designated parking spaces for your guests?


We do! It's located in the second parking lot on New York Avenue, directly across from All Fired Up.

How large are your portions?


Our serving sizes are a standard "appetizer" size, and a couple could make a meal out of 3-5 plates. The serving sizes of tapas are designed to encourage sharing and conversation. Perfect for a date night or party!

Can I bring my own bottle of wine?


Yes, you can. However, we charge a corking fee of $20 for each bottle you open.