stephen allen

   Steve Allen is the genius behind all of the amazing food pictures on our website (unless otherwise noted). His work as photographer never fails to astound us. Two words...... Eye Candy. Nuff' said. To see more of his work, click his name above to be redirected to his website. The Scratch family loves Steve as well as his awesome wife, Denise. Both were some of our very first guests. They spread the word around town and without their support we probably wouldn't have made it through our first year. We love them for that and also because they inspire us so much. They have substance. And our discerning palates demand quality! It's worth noting that we may have been persuaded by the light-show globe in their Mid-century Modern living-room. Always being stocked up in bourbon doesn't hurt the cuddly factor either. And delicious spaghetti dinners are also basically a win for us too. Ummm..... Awesome!!! Those 2 seats at the bar....... they're Steve and Denise's. So scoot on ova'! And if one of you is reading this........ your seats are here waiting for you. We kicked people outta them, and they're not very happy and now it's starting to get really awkward in here.



Angelo Sannasardo

   Born in New York City, Angelo credits the city’s sensations – its eclectic sights, colors, energy and sounds – for having informed his life and art on a daily basis. He attended the Arts Student League as well as the School of Visual Arts from which he graduated with top honors. Advertising opened up as a career path very early and Angelo stepped into it without looking back. As he moved from Art Director to Creative Director, success came almost effortlessly. So did a host of awards for a diverse range of clients that included the likes of AT&T, Buick, Cartier and Valentino. After creating award-winning work for his clients, Angelo has now turned his sights inward where a long dormant love and talent for painting has waited patiently. This inner vision is now available for all to see.


Patricia Lois Nuss

    Patricia Lois Nuss is a practicing artist and educator specializing in photography. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally, including the Corcoran College of Art and Design, PhotoNOLA at L’Entrepot in New Orleans, the Maryland Institute College of Art, and the Florida State College Museum of Fine Art in Tallahassee, FL. Nuss was born in South Kingston, RI. She received her MFA in Studio Art & the Computer in 2011 and her BFA in Studio Art Photography in 2008, both at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. She is currently an adjunct faculty member at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies and the University of Central Florida, Daytona Beach, FL. Nuss makes artwork that investigates the comparative territories of human emotion as it relates to the many facets of culture. The absence of a female role model in her life has led Nuss to focus strongly on the feminine and seek to procure an intimacy with the women she photographs. In her research, she dissects the female idols presence and power in various cultures and eras.



Cody Levon  

"Alchemist, student after the old masters and follower of Apelles. I seek beauty and the weighted gravity of the real. I work only with traditional mediums and am greatly concerned with craftsmanship. My work is an extension of my soul."